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Millions of consumers in the Middle East can't access your products.
Let's change that.

As your on-the-ground partners, we help you break the barriers quickly to maximize incremental direct revenue.

Your Brand, Localized

We enable your local Web and Mobile presence in a way that reflects your brand values through:
Localized and relevant messaging catering to the region’s languages and dialects.Promotions and marketing that speak to market dynamics around seasonality and shopping habits.Local customer outreach and support that create a fully local presence through popular social channels.

Breaking Cross-Border Shipping Barriers

We solve the biggest cross-border headaches that prevent consumers from ordering your product.

Cross-border shipping costs can be prohibitive, often costing more than the product itself. We work with trusted freight forwarding partners in the US and Europe that can ship your products at a fraction of the typical costs.As you grow sales, we leverage high-volume freight advantages, including bulk shipping, warehousing, and 3PL solutions. Your customers will no longer wait days or weeks to receive your product.

Enabling Local Payments

The Middle East and North Africa region is not a high credit-card penetration market, which results in millions of payment-challenged consumers unable to pay for international brands. Even consumers who have access to locally-issued credit and debit cards often are unable to use them in international transactions due to local bank limitations. We connect to localized payment networks and alternate payment providers, and enable popular COD payments.By being local, we help you solve the challenge of returns and open up local liquidation channels.

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We leverage a combined 30 years of experience in management of both start-ups and large companies. We know the ropes of working in emerging markets – so you won’t need to repeat mistakes that we’ve learned the hard way over the years. And our proven expertise in revenue generation, digital media and marketing, e-commerce, payments, and logistics makes us your ideal local partners.